Commit d0c2d49c authored by Luke Bratch's avatar Luke Bratch
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Have openssl_accept return 0 if fd_toggle_blocking failed.

parent 4fd155cc
......@@ -301,6 +301,7 @@ int openssl_accept(int fd, struct client *clients, struct ircdstate *ircdstate,
if (!fd_toggle_blocking(clients[clientindex].fd, 1)) {
debugprint(DEBUG_CRIT, "fd_toggle_blocking off failed for fd %d: %s.\n", clients[clientindex].fd, strerror(errno));
disconnectclient(clients[clientindex].fd, clients, ircdstate, settings, clientcodes);
return 0;
// And mark as no longer pending SSL_accept()
clients[clientindex].pendingsslaccept = 0;
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