Commit ab87103c authored by Luke Bratch's avatar Luke Bratch

Release version 0.1.1.

This fixes a bug where messages would be logged to the wrong file if the bouncer's nick had changed whilst running.
parent 5fb0302b
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
#define MAXCHANNELS 1024 // Let's assume 1024 is reasonable for now (it's configured per IRCd)
#define MAXRFCNICKLEN 9 // From RFC 1459
#define VERSION "0.1" // Blabouncer version
#define VERSION "0.1.1" // Blabouncer version
// Write debug string to file.
// Debug level is provided by level, set to one of DEBUG_CRIT, DEBUG_SOME or DEBUG_FULL.
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